Programme 2020

2 January

New Year Social & Games Evening

6 February

Legal Adviser to the Magistrates – Julian Cundiff

5 March

Appliqué Crafts –         Lesley Buckley

2 April

Cookery Demonstration at Ye Olde Sun Inn, Colton

7 May

Discussion on the NFWI resolutions/ Our Changing Climate – Claire McMahon

4 June

Visit to Zion Hill Hall & Gardens

Wednesday 1 July

Making exercise work for you– Claire Zillessen

6 August

Kathryn Rolfe Lingerie

3 September

Lord Willis of Knaresborough

1 October

Just Gems

Hilary Chapman

7 November

Annual General Meeting/Plastic Free crafts and gift ideas  -    Clare McMahon

5 December

Christmas Party