programme 2022

Monday January 17th Speaker. Lynn Lamport - Subject. Creator of a King

Competition. Something Gold

Hostesses. A. Press S. Renvoize

Vote of Thanks. Mrs C. Pickering

Monday February 21st Speaker. Roger Luntz. Subject. Victoria Falls & The Okavango Delta.

Competition. Something Silver

Hostesses. S. Howat L. Keeling

Vote of Thanks. Mrs A. Press

Monday March 21st Speaker. Jane Chapman Subject. Willow Bunting

Competition. Something Wood

Hostesses. J. Wright J. Barthram

Vote of Thanks. Mrs S Rutter

Monday April 11th  Speaker. Neil Caward  Subject. Dahlia tips

Competition. Something Sapphire

Hostesses. M. Kallagher S. Rutter

Vote of Thanks. Mrs C Cook

Monday May 16th Speaker. Maggie Camp Subject. Life among the Lancashire Mills in words and songs

Competition. Something Tin

Hostesses. A. Barnes A. Addison

Vote of Thanks. Mrs G McMahon

Monday June 20th Speaker. Mr & Mrs Hunt.  Subject. Cyber Crime.

Competition. Something Copper

Hostesses. M. Boardman L Collin

Vote of Thanks. Mrs Y. Bransby

Monday July 18th  Speaker. Elaine Harrison  Subject. Traveller's Tales

Competition. Something Brass

Hostesses. G McMahon J. Howard

Vote of Thanks. Mrs J. Barthram

Monday August 15th  Speaker. Angela Mason  Subject. TBC

Competition. Something Platinum

Hostesses. Y. Bransby L Hughes

Vote of Thanks. Mrs M. Boardman

Monday September 19th Speaker. Professor Martin Curzon  Subject. Honey, sugar & spice and all things nice.

Competition. Something Glass

Hostesses. J. Porter M. Cook

Vote of Thanks. Mrs J. Howard

Monday October 17th Speaker. Barbara Dixon .Subject. A Ramble around the Registry Office.

Competition. Something China

Hostesses. C. Hawman S. Wardman

Vote of Thanks. Mrs C. Hawman

Monday November 21st Speaker. AGM  Subject. Members night

Hostesses. A. Press S. Renvoize

Monday December 5th

Christmas Dinner